Service description (and How It Works)

Because all transactions stay in the open blockchain forever,
usually it becomes pretty easy to detect the participants of transaction -
at least, it’s way easier than when working with cash.


Bitcoin itself isn’t anonymous. In this cryptocurrency blockchain it’s very easy to restore the transactions chain. That’s exactly what special services use in order to fight using crypto in illegal activities. It would be very sad if one did his job or sold something for bitcoins and got paid with bitcoins that were used in illegal activities. In that case, special services might restore the transactions chain and come for one. Agree, it doesn’t sound like a good day! It’s better to stay away from that!
More than that, when you put coins with bad history to stock exchange, you might get a denial of service, without even explaining the reason. Funds won’t be returned.


One of the solutions of this problem will be our service, which exchange your coins with unknown place of origin to ours, which origin is clear, straight from the stock exchange. You can check that yourself at

How are we different from the other services?

Many other services mix your funds with other users coins, which increase number of transactions in chain dramatically. And even though, it will be way harder to prove belonging of intermediate operations to the same original chain, the chain of transactions will still lead to one.

Our service "cuts" the chain at the entrances to the stock exchanges. Then get new coins from them, mix it all up ones again and after that, put them to the stock exchange. It’s being done multiple times. Then you get the coins. At the end, you receive funds, which origin won’t be questioned.

How to use this service

Please, do these steps:

  1. Fill out the form at the main page: In graphs "Mix to #1" and "Mix to #2" you need to type in two different bitcoin addresses that will be used to receive the updated funds after completing the application. Coins will be randomly distributed between them, it’s necessary in order to keep privacy. In graph "Mix to #3" you can add the third address for even better anonymity, but it’s not necessary. Graph "Emergency Address" stands for address that will be used to refund coins (or part of the coins) from the application if it is impossible to fulfill it. Your original funds will be send to this address. The same exact coins that were received by our service will be send back to the owner.
  2. Click "Place Order!"
  3. If you filled the form correctly, after clicking "Place Order!", you will be redirected to application status information page. Make sure to save this page link! This link is unique and will be provided only to you. You will be able to monitor application info from anywhere (remember, information will be available only for 7 days after completing the order).
  4. Download and save the "Guarantee Letter".
  5. Send your BTC to the address "Address to receive the clearance" and after first confirmation the cleaning will begin.
  6. Wait for application to be done.